Simplifying Global Customs Operations with Eazy Customs for Multinational Companies

For multinational importers and exporters, navigating the intricate maze of customs can be a daunting task. With central customs or indirect tax departments often grappling with communication challenges, from knowledge gaps in other departments to language barriers, the need for a comprehensive, unified solution is paramount. Eazy Customs offers a tailored platform addressing these very challenges.


Multinationals conduct trade across various international borders, dealing with a diverse range of goods. Their central customs or indirect tax department, pivotal in ensuring seamless trade, often finds itself in a communication bottleneck with other internal departments, primarily the purchasing and sales departments. Even if standard processes should have a high degree of automation, there are always many cases in every company where time-consuming communication via e-mail must take place in order to obtain the required information, details and data.


  1. Overcoming the knowledge chasm in internal departments regarding the complexities of customs processes.
  2. Evading the pitfalls of email communication, which often is cumbersome and inefficient.
  3. Managing multilingual communication within multinational setups, ensuring no vital information is lost in translation.
  4. Consistently ensuring precise customs processes for an expansive array of goods.

Why Eazy Customs is the Optimal Solution:

  1. Unified Knowledge Base: Eazy Customs provides an all-encompassing platform where all customs-related data and processes are centralized, bridging the knowledge gap between departments.
  2. Streamlined Communication: Eazy Customs offers a unified platform, negating the need for cumbersome email threads and fostering direct, efficient communication.
  3. Multilingual Support: Eazy Customs was developed for international companies and ensures that language barriers do not become an obstacle, so that every process is clear.
  4. Diverse Goods Management: Regardless of the variety of goods, Eazy Customs can manage intricate customs data and processes for each, ensuring compliance and precision.


  1. Enhanced Collaboration: With all departments accessing the same platform, knowledge sharing and collaboration are effortless.
  2. Reduced Errors: By streamlining communication and offering multilingual support, the potential for misunderstandings and errors diminishes.
  3. Time Efficiency: Eliminating the back-and-forth of email communication and having a centralized platform accelerates customs processes.
  4. Consistent Compliance: With detailed management of varied goods, ensuring customs compliance becomes second nature.
  5. Global Synergy: For multinational setups, Eazy Customs ensures that all branches, regardless of location or language, work in harmonious sync.

For multinational importers and exporters, Eazy Customs emerges as the lynchpin in ensuring streamlined, efficient, and precise customs operations. From enhancing inter-departmental collaboration to effortlessly managing varied goods, Eazy Customs is the quintessential platform tailored for their needs.

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