Centralized Customs Management with Eazy Customs for Logistics Service Providers and Freight Forwarders


In the complex arena of international trade, having an internal customs department is pivotal for many logistics service providers and freight forwarders. With unique demands different from a transport order, customs clearance requires detailed and specific data. Eazy Customs provides a holistic solution tailored to these demands.

Those companies manage both: international shipments and intricate customs clearances. Serving dual roles, their customs department operates for external clients and also for internal departments like sea freight import.


  1. Gathering extensive details distinct from transport order data, like detailed goods descriptions for tariff classification and purchase price breakdowns.
  2. Navigating the labyrinth of customs-specific rules not typically outlined in Transport Management Systems (TMS).
  3. Averting repetitive data entry across different platforms and ensuring data uniformity.
  4. Efficiently communicating and coordinating between the customs department and other internal units.

Why Eazy Customs is the Ideal Solution:

  1. Purpose-Built Platform: Eazy Customs is specifically crafted for customs clearance, encapsulating all the nuances and complexities distinct from general TMS.
  2. Holistic Data Management: Eazy Customs can handle detailed goods information, tariff classifications, and purchase price breakdowns that are imperative for customs but are extraneous in standard transport orders.
  3. Integration Capabilities: Seamless interfacing with any TMS that has the requisite connections, mitigating the need for redundant data entry and ensuring data cohesion.
  4. Data Flow: The capability to effortlessly export data from Eazy Customs back to a TMS or customs application, maintaining data integrity and fostering streamlined operations.
  5. Unified Platform: By centralizing both external customer and internal departmental customs operations on Eazy Customs, communication silos are eradicated, fostering streamlined workflows.


  1. Optimized Efficiency: Minimize delays and hitches by having all customs-specific requirements in one platform.
  2. Data Precision: Ensure exactness and consistency in customs data, reducing errors and potential penalties.
  3. Enhanced Collaboration: Eazy Customs acts as a communication bridge between the customs department and other internal units.
  4. Scalability: expand your reach. Eazy Customs can adeptly handle increased data and processes.
  5. Economic Benefits: By reducing manual redundancies and streamlining operations, significant cost savings are achieved.

For logistics entities with a centralized customs department, Eazy Customs is the quintessential platform that elegantly addresses all customs-specific challenges. It augments efficiency, ensures data precision, and paves the way for seamless operations, both for external clients and internal departments.

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