Pricing Models at Eazy Customs

Eazy Customs offers flexible, individually-negotiated pricing models tailored to clients' usage needs

At Eazy Customs, we offer flexible pricing models tailored to cater to the unique requirements of each client. Our focus is to provide a cost-effective solution that aligns with your strategic goals and day-to-day operations. While each pricing model comes with its distinct advantages, the choice ultimately depends on how you envision using our software both in daily practice and strategically.

Our Pricing Models

- The exact price is individually negotiated and depends on volume and the country of residence, where the tickets are processed.
- Following these discussions, a comprehensive offer detailing the pricing will be presented.

It's essential to understand that while the pricing models are structured, there's an inherent flexibility designed to ensure you get the best value. Whether you're a start-up looking to scale or an established firm aiming to optimize, we're here to help. Should external factors affect our pricing, like data storage costs, we'll always engage you in the conversation, ensuring transparency and fairness.
Reach out to us today, and let's find the best pricing structure for your needs!

Flat Rate for Monthly Use

Under this model, you're billed a flat rate every month based on your projected ticket volume and specific application area. This option is ideal for firms that want to connect with several customers through Eazy Customs consistently.


  • Predictable monthly expenses.
  • Cost-effective for higher ticket volumes.


  • You pay the same amount irrespective of whether you reach your ticket volume or not.
  • Requires an understanding of your average ticket volume for optimal cost efficiency.

Price per Ticket

This model is transaction-based. You're charged for each ticket you process. It's suitable for companies with variable ticket volumes, or those that wish to scale their operations over time without a fixed monthly overhead.


  • Pay for what you use.
  • Flexibility to scale without constraints.


  • Monthly expenses can be unpredictable for many companies.
  • Might not be cost-effective if you process a high volume of tickets daily.