Streamlining Customs Communication: A Real-World Scenario with Eazy Customs


Melanie, a dedicated customs broker from Hamburg, Germany, juggles multiple declarations for different customers daily. However, with emails getting lost or overlooked, unnecessary phone calls for status updates, documentation errors, and time-consuming manual entries, combined with complexity (following the natural law “there is always something”), she often faced delays and unsatisfied clients. In addition to normal vacation and sick leave handoffs, Melanie works part-time and has to make a daily handover of open orders with her colleagues at the end of her shift, so that customers are attended to as usual for the rest of the day.


Solution with Eazy Customs:

  1. Unified Knowledge Base: Eazy Customs provides an all-encompassing platform where all customs-related data and processes are centralized, bridging the knowledge gap between departments.
  2. Streamlined Communication: Eazy Customs offers a unified platform, negating the need for cumbersome email threads and fostering direct, efficient communication.
  3. Multilingual Support: Eazy Customs was developed for international companies and ensures that language barriers do not become an obstacle, so that every process is clear.
  4. Diverse Goods Management: Regardless of the variety of goods, Eazy Customs can manage intricate customs data and processes for each, ensuring compliance and precision.


After adopting Eazy Customs, Melanie experienced a 50% reduction in declaration processing time, witnessed fewer errors, and received positive feedback from her clients for faster clearances. The tool transformed her operations, allowing her to take on more clients without compromising on efficiency. In fact, their client was very happy that their customs audit could be completed in half the time with the assistance of Eazy Customs, and significantly reduced the effort there as well.

"Adopting Eazy Customs was a game-changer. I no longer worry about lost emails or documentation errors. Everything I need is just a click away. My clients are happier, and so am I!"

- Melanie, Customs Broker in Hamburg, Germany.

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